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Ali Fitness International

Ali Fitness International is established in Aug 2008 by Mr.Sayyad Sadik (MBA Marketing), operating from Nagpur. We are the proprietor firm and we have the complete fitness solution ,expertise in setting up Commercial Gym ,Home Gym ,Corporate gym and utmost we rendered the world class service to our customer “ we strongly believe in giving service”.

We carry fitness product most of our home exercise equipment comes with a warranty and quality that's built to last a lifetime and more user friendly. We offer low prices on home fitness equipment and gym equipment, so you don't have to spend endless hours searching the Internet for a lower price.

From the first-timer to the hardcore exerciser, we know that all users have high expectations, so we spend significant time and resources asking them what they want and need. It's simply our way of letting the user know that we have their interests in mind every step of the way.

Hoping to do the lasting business with you...